Hardwood Mats
Crane, Pipeline, and Truck Mats (3 or 2 Ply)

All hardwood mats are designed for durability, in-the-field daily use, and are available when you need them, sudden shifts in the weather and during the wet month, the demand for wood mats increases significantly. However, in the ten years of business, we have been able to take care of every customer’s needs and were prepared and ready to load when called. At Superior Mats LLC., we are concerned about the impact of large equipment and constant travel over sensitive areas and have designed our mats to help reduce human and machine footprints.

Wood Mats

The mats are strong, durable, natural and safe hardwood. They are purposefully not treated to prevent chemicals from leaching into the soil. We make a few different types of wooden mats that serve many uses;  built from hardwood lumber, predominately oak. The boards are cut in standard 4′ widths and vary from 8′ to 20′ in length with steel rods driven in and flush to the lumber; each mat has four bolts for chains to attach when moving them from place to place. These timber mats are ideal for heavy equipment access usually the role of construction mats, industrial mats, swamp mats, crane mats, etc. Their durability, construction, and attention to detail make these hardwood mats the first choice among project managers and site foreman.


Personalized Service at Superior Mats

At Superior Mats we take great care to provide reliable matting products and services and continue to develop and improve our products to meet the demands of adaptability to different terrains and substrates, construction of materials and design that increase safety, protect environmentally sensitive areas and reduce reclamation costs.

As the project comes to an end, contact us as we may be interested in buying back repairable wood mats.

Crane Hardwood Mats:Crane Mats made from hardwood lumber by Superior Mats

Our crane mats are designed to take the heavy weight of cranes and other large equipment with tracks. These wood mats are ideal when beginning a project particularly if the equipment will be traveling over wet weather creeks and low-lying areas.The 12″ thickness not only helps to keep the tracks out of the mud and muck, it also is to prevent early stressing and deterioration. Each log is  12″ thick, 4′ foot widths, and custom cut to 12′, 14′ 16′ and 20′ lengths.

Pipeline mats from Superior MatsPipeline Hardwood Mats: 

Keep equipment, trucks, and workers out of the mud while protecting the vegetation along the pipeline route. The dimensions for these wood mats are 8″x8″ thickness, 4′ wide and 14-16′ lengths.The logs are snug and even allowing most types of vehicles to pass over them.

3 ply hardwood mats from Superior Mats3Ply Hardwood Mats

These wood mats are available in 2ply and 3ply laminated hardwood mats. They are ideal for walk areas, and paths. Useful in construction, environmentally protected areas, temporary road access, and decking. Referred to as swamp mats, ground protection mats, bog mats and mud mats.